How Much Is A Russian Mail Order Bride In The Cost?

How Much Is A Russian Mail Order Bride In The Cost? Post Thumbnail

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Men searching for an international mail-order bride often want to know, what can be the cost of getting a wife from another country (Russia, in this case). It’s not that you’re picking a woman in a magazine and point your finger on her so some wriggler to get her for you in 5 days in a bag using a human trafficking scheme. No, it’s not like that in the 21st century! Today, the price will consist of legal aspects of obtaining a wife:

  • Subscription for a dating site’s membership. It is believed that a man can find a wife using such sites in 3-12 months. So multiply a monthly subscription on the number of periods you’re going to use it. It could be a hundred dollars for you on a monthly basis, so it’ll be $300… $1,100.
  • Making real and virtual gifts to girls during your communication through a website. It is limited by your desire and financial threshold you establish on your own. It can be from 0 to ∞.
  • Using additional services like an interpreter for your live chats and phone calls, obtaining contact data of a girl off-the-site to jump to some Skype communication or akin. It can count for another few hundred dollars.
  • Flying to her country or arranging her to fly to yours. For that, you’ll need to consider visa paperwork and cost, a flight ticket purchase, accommodations for a few days or weeks and eating somewhere. Bear in mind that in big cities of Russia, hotels cost more than they usually are in the US, food in cafes and restaurants is more expensive, too (and its quality is average), and it’s colder (excluding only cold states of the US), so take your warm jacket with you. It all will cost from $3,000 and more depending on what level you’ve got used to.
  • Buying her trifles during dates and going to eateries and places. A date can be small or flamboyant – so you can spend 50 or 5,000 dollars on each. Usually, 2-5 dates far from home are enough to understand if you’ve made the right choice.

Features of Russian brides

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Now let’s briefly estimate why a Russian bride is so appealing to wealthy foreigners:

  • Pretty Russian girls are open-minded and eager to receive new impressions and see new places. Their adventurousness is also the reason why they’re considering moving abroad. But it is not the main reason. Love is.
  • They are driven by love in their lives. If Western girls are more pragmatic and love as the main driving factor sunken into oblivion after the Summer of 69, love is still a powerful driver for Russian women (as they didn’t have Woodstock). They are more willing to follow someone they love (not feel right in a mercantile way).
  • They often work on par with men in Russian families but once they are deprived of such necessity after marrying you, they will run the house perfectly and will do all chores that a classy wife has to: cooking, cleaning, gardening, laundry, and dishwashing. They will also raise children – so only things left for you to do is earn money and give your love to your family.
  • Russian women for marriage are not humble but submissive. They are subdued to your word and will, remaining a person, not your servant. The reason is that they support the patriarchal look at how a family should work. Here is their unlikeness from Western ladies, who constantly try to be on top of you.

Where to find a Russian mail-order bride?

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We offer you to try the website. It is not a dating one but it has tonnes of materials on the topic of single Russian women, highlighting dating sites with their pros and cons. You can find out good and bad matchmaking sites by reading blogs and articles on so to understand where to spend your time. You’ll read dating Russian women tips, reviews, users’ feedback and other useful information that’s going to support your searches.


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Now you know where to look on the Internet to find reliable sources of information about best brides from Russiaand you know their features. You also know that finding a girl from Russia is nearly the same in cost, as you’d date with any local girl: the only difference is taking a flight to Russia to meet her in person – but that’s nearly the same as you’d pay for an ordinary tourist trip. So take your chances and find a nice Russian mail order bride!