Kayley Torp

Kayley Torp

Hey, I’m Kayley Torp, a Wesleyan University Creative Writing Specialization graduate. I am passionate about psychology, history, and relationships, and writing for MailOrderBridePro.com helps me fulfill my interests. I used to write for several magazines and newspapers, including The Boston Globe and New York Newsday.

My colleagues are always amazed by the fact how I manage so many things, like hosting workshops and podcasts, writing for our website, and being a chief editor. The secret is in doing the things that bring me joy because then, I don’t even notice where the time’s gone, being fully consumed by the activities I adore.

I am passionate about stories and unsolved mysteries. When it’s lunchtime, I adore going to the coffee shops, chatting with people I meet there, and listening to strangers’ dialogues to get ideas for my articles. I believe that communication is critical, so I write on the topics of interpersonal communication and share tips on how to find common ground with foreign mail order brides. If you find it hard to understand how to approach your lover, make sure to check out my articles; they’ll become your cheatsheet in melting your soulmate’s heart!

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