How To Avoid Scam With Mail Order Brides?

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The main danger of online communication is that you do not see people you talk to and can rely just on their decency. However, there is no proof that they are telling you the truth. When dealing with mail-order brides, there are risks to become a victim of scammers, who just want to get your money by manipulating your feelings.

How To Avoid Scam With Mail Order Brides: Best Rated Mail Order Brides Sites

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How to define a scammer?

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Scammers often use other people’s photos and add false information to their profiles. The worst thing is that these are pics of real girls, who are not even aware of the fact their photos are used for a scam. There are numerous methods of wringing money from men using mail-order bride services.

There is one well-known scheme of the scam. Fraudsters tend to manipulate men’s emotions, pretend they are attractive for them both physically and mentally, and as soon as you fall into the trap, they will try to make you send them money.

First of all, they can ask for small amounts for various pretty things. If it works with you, they will try something bigger. In general, the sums depend on the level of your income and the professional level of a fraudster.

The most common reasons to ask you for money might be as follows:

  • To buy a ticket for a flight to your country;
  • To support her in a difficult situation;
  • To get the money for medical needs;
  • To buy clothes and food as she is lack of money;
  • To pay for a visa.

Sometimes scammers also ask to sign up for other dating sites, which are much more expensive. As soon as they get what they want, they are likely to disappear.

Useful tips to secure yourself against scam

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There are very simple tips, which will help you avoid scammers and forget about the worries while using mail-order bride services:

  • Look closer at a profile. Make sure the pics are real and the information is descriptive and trustworthy enough. A profile of a real girl usually contains more than one photo.
  • Pay special attention to the manner of communication. As a rule, letters sent by scammers are very ‘warm’ but only a long-time correspondence can lead to deep feelings. You should be really careful as sometimes scammers can be very convincing telling you about their love. The relations with mail-order brides can’t develop too fast.
  • Be careful with emergency situations. As scammers tend to manipulate emotions, they often tell tearful stories about their mother being sick or the lack of money to pay rent. Don’t be too trusting, a real woman is unlikely to ask for money from a man she hardly knows.
  • Never send money to a girl you’ve never met in real life. You can send her flowers or gifts. Besides, real gifts will allow discovering her address and making sure she is a real person.
  • Don’t post your personal information. It concerns your address, phone number, and bank card details. The disclosure of such data may lead to identity theft.

It is also vital to select a reliable website offering mail-order bride services. To find the one, it is better to carefully read the feedback on the Internet or ask your friend for advice. Note that the best mail-order bride resources provide identity verification demanding the girl’s passport copy, medical insurance, and other details to make certain she is a real person.

Follow our tips and be very attentive to ladies you talk to. Remember that even the website administration will be unable to help if you decide to send money to a scammer.

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